Reasons for Puppy Chewing

As most of us know, when you introduce a small puppy into your home the first thing he starts to do is run around getting more and more excited, and then he/she will start to chew everything in sight.

The reasons are many. Initially it’s probably to ease the discomfort of teething, but a puppy also plays by biting it’s siblings and at the same time by doing so is gradually establishing itself amongst the pack. A puppy will also bite because it’s hungry, or out of sheer boredom.

The teething problem will gradually pass, but once you let a puppy get away with biting you or your family, you will have a problem on your hands. If you watch a female dog with her litter she will tolerate so much, and then she nudges the small bundle hard with her nose to let it know it’s gone too far.

Never take on a puppy until it’s about ten weeks old, as it’s during this time with it’s mother and other siblings that it’ll learn that biting too hard is not acceptable. Once it’s taken away and brought to your home you will then be able to continue with the discipline by showing it that biting or chewing will not be tolerated.

It’s absolutely essential you start training your puppy from the moment it enters your home. Puppies are adorable, and it’s difficult to be cross with them, but if you want your dog to grow up to be a good companion and a friend to your children, he must learn from an early age that chewing your home is not acceptable. Dogs are pack animals and he must learn that you are the pack leader and he must obey the rules.

A bored puppy will automatically chew everything he can get his paws on. Exercise him every day to make sure he uses up as much of his energy as possible and give him a place of his own within the home where he can have his own chewable things.

If his teeth hurt a puppy will try to ease the pain by chewing. He will also chew things when he’s playing, getting over excited and out of control. If a short “NO” or a gentle nudge doesn’t work, then it’s a good idea to take him away from the object and give him something of his own to chew.

Generally puppy chewing and biting is not normally aggressive behaviour, but it can become so if not controlled at an early stage. Supervision of your puppy is essential, and if he’s left alone then he should be placed in a contained area with plenty of his own toys to keep him occupied.

If you’re leaving your puppy alone make sure he’s got something which has your smell on it and that way he wont feel as though he’s been deserted. Once alone he will automatically turn to chewing out of frustration and boredom and this is perfectly natural behaviour.

All puppies chew, but it’s up to you to take control from the beginning.  These are not the only problems you will have with your puppy.  Why not check out this great resource we highly recomend that will help your puppy grow up to be a great, worry free pet!

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